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crypto-steganography System

Our Security Meets Modern Design and the encryption we use to ensure message privacy is completely invisible.

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Financial Market Prediction System

It's an Artfifical Intelligent system that analyses financial markets and predicts future market state.

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Hospital Management System

This system is used to track the information of all the staffs, patients, treatment provided, and prescription and also to generate periodic reports for analysis.

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Primary School RMS

This system helps teachers grade Pupils' class assignments, tests, exams and generate academic reports.

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School Management System

This system helps manage and organize info on school inventory, Students academic results, financial records.

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Online Food Ordering

Quick Food Delivery helps people in Melville town (S.Africa) order food from their favorite restuarants online and delivery to their location.

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  • We develop systems & web applications that are easy to use, learn and understand. They are backed up by a powerful tool as well. When you arrive at each application, the function that they perform is clearly defined, they use basic navigation that everyone can understand and you can very quickly perform tasks.
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